The Foundation is no longer accepting applications for 2020. Please return in 2021 for further information regarding the grant application process.

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All children are created equal, but not all children are born into equal opportunity. We recognize that children need their basic needs to be met consistently in order to thrive. We support work that provides essential and valuable assistance to children whose families are struggling financially.

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Education happens not only in the classrooms of public and private schools, but also in supplemental programs that give children access to rich learning environments. We support work that makes quality education accessible to children from all backgrounds.

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Medical care is important for the wellness of all children. We recognize that children with additional medical needs require extra support not only for themselves, but for their caregivers. We support work towards a world in which no child is left without adequate healthcare.

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The needs of children go beyond economic, medical, and educational. We recognize that children need to be cared for on a holistic level in order to succeed. We support work that seeks to keep children safe and supported in order for them to thrive and go on to bring their best to the world.

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We Support Human Achievement.

Our mission is to help charitable organizations who help kids. Whether it's medical, educational, economic, or social, we care about the well-being and access to opportunities for all children. Our work is focused primarily, but not exclusively, on Maine and Florida.

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